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Does my tarantula love me?

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  So today we want to express our love for tarantulas.

  Tarantulas are our passion because more times then not they are feared because they are not cute and fluffy like a puppy. Even though you cannot cuddle with them, you can learn to appreciate the beauty of them by respecting them. Tarantulas are solitary creatures, and yet they adapt to captivity because they are truly amazing creatures. 

  A lot of people ask the question, "Will it love me?" 

  Our response is something along the lines of, it really doesn't matter if the animal will love you...What truly matter is if YOU love the animal. This is the case involving any animal whether it be a dog, cat, etc. 

  So next time you buy a pet make sure the first question you ask is, "Will I love this animal and care for it because you love it?"

  Email questions or comments to or and i will respond to a few on our next blog. Also contact us for topics you would like to see us talk about.

  Have a great day!

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