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Ex: Your order totals to $425 excluding shipping costs, if you pick a free Pumpkin Patch from the $100 mark, you now have $325 now remaining that can go towards a FREEBIE. So an example would be, you can choose a Pumpkin Patch and versicolor because that is $100 plus $200, or you could choose a balfouri because that is $300. The simplest way to go about picking FREEBIES is to subtract what you pick from the order total, and that is what you have left to pick another. You continue to subtract until no more can be applied towards a FREEBIE. If you have questions please contact us before making your order.


Make a purchase of $75 or more and receive one 3/4-1" Heterometreus petersii (Giant Forest Scorpion) FREE; retail value of $20

Or 3/4-1" Avicularia avicularia (Pink Toe) FREE; retail value of $20.







Customer is responsible to meet the minimum purchase total, not including shipping, in order to receive the free item. When you have met the minimum purchase order, you may select one of the items in the FREEBIES tab to add to your order. These free tarantulas are only available while they last. For additional information regarding FREEBIES, refer to TOS.